A Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Toilet Flush Valve

There are many options of toilet flush valves in the market. You have to be sure that you are choosing a toilet flush valve that is compatible with the tank of your toilet.

The Different Types of Toilet Flush Valves

Toilet flush valves come in different styles and materials. Today, flush valves are quiet and are made to be low-flow to help conserve water. In addition, they either have hard plastics of brass fixtures.

They come with different floats installed, which could either be the float ball style or the modern style that has the float attached to the water fill tube directly.


Brass Assembly

This is an excellent option for toilet fixtures mainly because it is water- and corrosion-resistant. Brass is not as hard as steel and will not crack under pressure.

Plastic Assembly

If you would save to save a few bucks on a toilet flush valve then you may choose to buy hard plastic assembly. You should, however, keep in mind that plastic may weaken over time, especially considering the fact that you will be using it in an environment where water will constantly be flowing in and out of the tank. Today, plastics have been improved and you can find plastic assemblies that can last longer. So, make sure that you do your research and read reviews.

Siphoning Air and Anti-Air Siphoning

Toilet flush valves usually have an air siphoning or anti-air siphoning feature. With a siphoning tank valve, the water that is in the tank could potential be sucked back down the system when the water pressure is low. It is possible to experience low water pressure in your home if a fire occurred in your neighborhood and firefighters have to use a nearby hydrant.

  • Anti-Air Siphoning

If it has low water pressure problems in your home or neighborhood, then you will want to go for the anti-air siphon toilet flush valves. This feature prevents the water that is held in the tank from being pulled back into the water supply system, thus allowing your toilet to continue flushing effectively even when there is not enough water to maintain the pressure required for the normal functioning of the system. Anti-air flow toilets are widely being used in new low-flow toilets in the U.S; therefore, if you have one of these new toilets installed in your home, you should consider getting these this kind of toilet flush valves. There’re government requirements that have been put in place regarding this kind of toilet.

Old Standard Flush Valves

You probably remember the old style valves you saw when you were a child. You can still choose the flush valve that is attached to the arm that holds a float. The main advantage of this type is that it is easily adjustable and familiar.


It is important that you choose the best toilet flush valve especially when you are a do-it-yourself kind of person. Most importantly, make sure that you read online reviews.

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