Mechanical Keyboard and Gaming: What You Need To Know

Gaming has been raised to a whole new level. With mechanical keyboards flooding the market, every gamer is enjoying the game. Every gamer knows the importance of peripherals in gaming. Having the right peripheral device will make your gaming experience even better.

Keyboard classification is based on the type of switch technology they are made of. This gives two major groups, i.e., membrane and mechanical keyboards. Having a better keyboard for gaming improves your skills in gaming. Definite point gives insight about keyboards.

Mechanical keyboard

These are keyboards that appear classic. Beneath each keycap, there are high quality plastic key switches. Springs activate the key switches. The keyboard comes with superior features among them functionality, LED lighting and print methods among others. The switches of the keyboard are made up of three parts, i.e. keycap, stem, and housing. The housing holds the components while the keycap is the topmost part here the letters or numbers are written. The stem, on the other hand, the stem forms the movable portion of the switch. At definite point, there are many mechanical keyboards.

While typing you press the keycap down. This activates the actual spring loaded switch underneath. That’s why when you press the switch; you hear the clicking sound


  • The switches are either tactile or linear. While the linear switches will require you to push them all the way down, the tactile switch will only require a half-way push to activate. This allows you to move to the next key at a faster rate.
  • Cherry MX switches are keys that come in varying qualities among them the amount of force needed to actuate, tactile and auditory nature, application and use. The common cherry MX switches are;
  • Cherry silver, a linear switch that can withstand the heavy pounding. This is one of the best switches for gaming.
  • Cherry black; one of the best gaming keyboard, especially the real-time strategy games and role laying games, this keyboard is a bit stiffer a quality that makes it superior for precision gaming.
  • Cherry brown; this type has a tactile bump and is smooth, making it excellent for serious gaming.
  • Cherry red; this linear switch offers smooth clicking as well as light touch. This switch goes all the way down, thus making it excellent for gaming.
  • Cherry blue; the switch is audible and has tactile feedback. This type is not ideal for gaming
  • Cherry green; a stiffer switch

Customizing keyboards

It is possible to customize your mechanical keyboard, apart from just replacing your switches. It is possible for instance, to get backlit keycaps which allow LED light to pass through the keycaps illuminating the legend. You also can replace the keycaps with durable materials such as durable plastic or molded sculpting. This reduces the tendency of the lettering from wearing out. Another way to customize is to use specific colors, designs, logos, shapes or even names.

As a gamer, knowing the types of switches are the key to better gaming. As it is, membrane switches don’t make the best compatriot for gaming. If you are looking to spend some money on a gaming keyboard, buy all time mechanical keyboards. At definite point, you will find such information and keyboards.

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