Retired NASA Mathematician Ends the Retirement Crisis with New Investing Software

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The retirement crisis is upon us. The politicians and financial Guru’s on TV are telling people they will have to retire later and work longer. 1/3 of those aged 67-68 are still working. 29% of all retirement aged people have nothing saved. More than 40% of the 76 million baby boomers and the 55 million Gen X-ers have more debt than savings. Congress recently voted to steal $150 million from Social Security and for most its unlikely there will be enough to survive, that is if the politicians don’t cancel it all together.

Are You Scared Yet? Well You Don’t Have To Be!

Most people think the targets for retirement are out of reach. But the truth is to retire and have income for life doesn’t mean you need to have millions saved. One of the largest and most respected investment softwares, Wall Street Winning, subscribers certainly see no signs of being effected by the retirement crisis. But does that mean you need to get started investing right now? We asked former NASA Mathematician Ron Groneke — to share some of his thoughts on the crisis. Here’s what he had to say.



If you are reading this article you are already one step ahead of the game. The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Most people think targets for retirement are out of reach, and they are right. The fact is you need only two things to retire time and money. If you have less time you need more money. If you have more money you need less time.

If You’re Under 50 (If You Have More Time)

Did you know that $25,000 compounded at monthly return of only 2.5% will accumulate to $1,000,000 in 15 years or less? True, that is a mathematical fact! In this scenario anyone under 50 should have one goal. That is to save at least $25,000 so with mathematical certainty they can be a millionaire. Once your small investment of $25,000 has matured your monthly income, without touching a dime of the $1 million you have gained, will reap a monthly income of $25,000 at the same 2.5% monthly return.

Do you think you could have a nice retirement with $1 Million dollars saved and $25,000 of monthly income? Imagine if you contribute more than $25,000, wow!

If You’re Over 50 (If You Have More Money)

If you have more money saved you need less time. If you start with more than $25,000, lets say $100,000… You still have time. Not as much time but since you have more money saved you can make more in the same time.

Your money will be doubling every 3 years at 3% monthly. Within 10 years you will have achieved $1Million dollars and the same $25,000 a month of income for life. If you compound your money for an extra five years, your 1 million dollars will grow to $3.6 Million dollars.

Even If You Are 65 (You Have no Time)

It still is not to late for you. NBC news reports that the median savings of households aged 65-74 is $ 148,000. Yes, you should have saved more but we do not have a time machine. You need to put that money to work @ 3% monthly return and you will have approximately a monthly income of $4440. The average cost for a 30 day cruise liner is @$100 a day with meals and gratuity included. You could cruise around he world every day of the month and you’d still have $1400 left over each month, never touching your principle. See even with $148,000 at age 65 can be enough to live very well! That is if you get started.

So The Question You Must be Asking:

How do I do it? How do I get started? How can I make 3% a month and grow a small savings into over $1 million dollars so I can retire years earlier and never have to worry about running out of money?

The answer is really easier that you think. See, I am a NASA mathematician and I found through investing in the stock market that it always has patterns. So I created a software to recognize these patterns and signal the right time to buy or sell a stock or option. Myself and a close nit group of elite investors have used and tested this software for over 15 years. Until now this type of automated solution has never been available to the public. But you might be asking why am I sharing this with you? Life and the stock market has been very good to me and it is my turn to give back to traders of any level by giving them an almost unfair advantage over the market using my software.

Most People Think:

That it is hard to make money in the stock market. And if you turn your money over to a broker, it is. They have no fiduciary obligation to you. With 10 minutes of review a day, my software shows you how to make these kinds of returns without any prior experience and you always stay in control of your money. For example, our software made a 50% annual return on a little stock called Microsoft when your broker with traditional buy and hold would have only gotten 13% minus his fees of course. Call your broker today and ask him is he got you a 50% return on Microsoft. We are sure he will tell you no, but we will show you how to do this and more for yourself!

It Couldn’t Really be That Easy, Could It?

Again since you are reading this you are head of the rest and we giving readers for the next 48 hours a Risk Free Trial. You have 30 days to try the software and get started. If for some reason you do not like making 2%-3% or even more a month you can cancel and ask for a no questions asked refund. Nobody ever asks for the refund and since we have started offering this to the public our numbers of subscribers have been growing exponentially.
Not only has the number of subscribers grown but the number of millionaires as well with incredible monthly income is exploding. You too can benefit from the software I created and be on the way to Wall Street Winning!

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Ron Goenke lives in Marco Island Florida. As a former NASA mathematician and technology trading expert Ron Groenke, with more than 45 year of experience creating market prediction tools, designed the Wall Street Winning wealth generating strategy. Ron Groenke has a Bachelors of Mathematics with Distinction from University of Minnesota. He Developed Communications Software for NASA’s Apollo 7 & 8 (8 was the first lunar flight, 11 was first lunar landing) Ron also worked on Top Secret communication protocols for advanced graphics at the CIA and Army Marine Corps. Ron invented the NCR/Comten Communications Networking System and is one of 12 National Cash Register (NCR) Laureate’s. Ron has authored of five books on Stock and Options Investing and the VISIONS Investing Tools Software …

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